Make room to relax in 
a TAW Dublin conservatory 

From the standard lean-to to the more contemporary an stylish Edwardian and Georgian Designs our conservatories really do give you a room for all seasons Whether you’re looking for a cosy lounge, a children’s playroom or an elegant dining room,

T.A.W Individually design and manufactured to order, Which means there are no limits to choosing your dream conservatory today.

T.A.W conservatories are of the highest quality in heat retention and control of heat intake. Our ™ekoshield Glass has been developed that it will let in short wave radiation, which is what the sun gives off and retain long wave radiation that is generated by the heating systems within the room.

We can also supply the latest in self cleaning glass technologies the Pilkington Activ™ is the world’s first self-cleaning glass. It harnesses forces of nature to keep your windows free from organic dirt. And is ideal for those hard to reach areas like conservatory roof.

There is also a range of solar controlled glass, Color tinted glass can be used for both solar control and decorative purposes.