Glazing Technology

Glass Details

The A rating is also achieved by the standard of energy efficient glass. T.A.W. use, the SGG PLANITHERM TOTAL + Thermaguard A, is a high quality, energy efficient, double glazed unit, manufactured to the highest standards using only the most technologically advanced components.

- SGG PLANITHERM TOTAL + High performance Low E glass - Ultra-clear low iron glass Thermaguard A - Argon gas filled cavity - SGG SWISSPACER Warm edge technology.

Further to the Thermaguard A, T.A.W can now offer the flagship in triple glazing the thermaguard 3, This high performing insulating product boasting a U value as low as 0.6 w/m2k. Using Two panes of SGG PLANITHERM TOTAL +, SGG SWISSPACER Warm edge technology, and Argon gas filling as standard.

T.A.W. Also Supply a wide range of decorative glass with a great selection of bevelled designs and coloured glass.

Advantages of T.A.W. Glazing Options

  • 5 Excellent thermal insulation maximising heat gain in your home helping to save on energy and heating bills.
  • 5 Better insulation means fewer cold spots.
  • 5 Less condensation
  • 5 Environmentally friendly
  • 5 All of the components above make T.A.W.s A ratings more easily achievable